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Identity Theft Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Stolen identities can destroy your credit

You may not know your identity has been taken until a debt collector contacts you. Having your identity stolen can cast a broad shadow across your life. It can destroy your credit score, preventing you from approval for loans, getting an apartment, or even credit cards.

How stolen identity leads to debt

Debt related to identity theft starts with your sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands. This person may use something such as your Social Security number to go to the hospital or take out a payday loan. All of this could happen years before you find out, leaving you with the bill and steep interest on top of it.

Finding out the extent of the damage to your name

Who you are in the modern world is based on what the credit bureaus have to say about you. If you suspect someone has used your identity, you need to check all three of the major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) to measure the extent of the damage these people may have inflicted. It may be too extensive to sort out on your own, and you may need the help of an experienced identity theft attorney accessible in St. Louis or Kansas City.

Let us help you recover from identity theft


Clearing your name won’t cost you

It’s frightening to consider that someone else’s greed and deception could so easily destroy your life. Stecklein & Rapp attorneys have helped Kansas and Missouri residents overcome the emotional and financial distress of having their identities stolen. When you work with us, you don’t need to worry about more debt, because Stecklein & Rapp never collects fees from clients. Take the first step in recovering your identity. Set up an appointment through this website or by calling our office.

Identity theft attorneys in Kansas City

If your credit has been destroyed by identity theft, you need to speak with an attorney at the Kansas City credit law firm of Stecklein & Rapp. Ignoring your debts that don’t belong to you can still cost you unless you take action to correct it. Discuss your options with our experienced attorneys today.