Debt Collector Harassment Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Debt collectors won’t stop until you stop them

Whether it is a case of mistaken identity, identity theft or you struggle to meet your financial obligations, you probably receive calls and letters from creditors or collection agencies. Even though creditors have a right to try to contact you, they must behave in an ethical and legal manner and comply with the code of conduct established by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The law says that a bill collector can call your neighbors, friends or relatives once to get your contact information. But the bill collectors cannot tell your St. Louis neighbors, friends or relatives about your debt.

They also cannot call you names, curse at you, or use any language that demeans or humiliates you. They cannot threaten you with arrest or criminal prosecution. Simply put, they cannot abuse or harass you in any way.

You need our help if you, or someone you know, receive:

  • repeated calls

  • threats, verbal abuse or other harassment

  • calls at work

  • calls to relatives, neighbors and friends

  • repeated messages or letters

Collection abuse is illegal and can be stopped with the help of Stecklein & Rapp.

If you are being abused by a collector, the lawyers at Stecklein & Rapp want to help you recover money and your dignity. We want to hear your story, look at your letters and listen to your messages. We want to see if you have a case and help if we can.

Put an end to the harassment


Protection against debt collector harassment

We handle claims in Kansas City and St. Louis involving all types of violations of the FDCPA, including:

  • Debt collection letters or notices that are confusing or misleading

  • Threatening criminal prosecution, arrest, or the notification of police or law enforcement authorities

  • Calls to family, friends or neighbors mentioning your debt

  • Threats of garnishment, foreclosure or seizure of assets

  • Threats to talk to or contact your employer

  • Use of profanity, ethnic slurs or other abusive language

  • Use of robocalls or automatic dialers

  • Messages left on your answering machine that allege that you owe a debt or are the target of a collection effort

Debt collection harassment attorneys in Kansas City

You don’t have to put up with the threats. Schedule an appointment with one of the attorneys at the Consumer Legal Clinic to discuss your options if you are the victim of unfair debt collection activity. Call our office or set up a no-cost consultation online.