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Bankruptcy Error Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Bankruptcy debts don’t always disappear

Bankruptcy is a tool designed to help you rid yourself of debt. While you may have paid your debt or had it discharged, that doesn’t always mean the agencies reporting your credit history have noticed.

Inaccurate credit reports will cost you

Bankruptcies persisting on your credit report can count against your ability to obtain a loan for a home, get a credit card, and even prevent you from being hired by a prospective employer. You also may be subjected to having the debt reflected on your report being bought by collection agencies in the Kansas City or St. Louis area.

Catching errors before they become a problem

If you’re not sure if your bankruptcy has been wiped from your credit report, you may need to check - all of them. There are three main credit reporting agencies:

  • TransUnion

  • Equifax

  • Experian

Federal law guarantees you are entitled to a copy of each once a year. By checking these reports, you can find discrepancies that may be holding you back.

Take control of your post-bankruptcy credit


It’s up to the creditors to report discharged debt

Having bankruptcy debt zeroed out on your credit report depends on the creditors actually reporting it to the credit bureaus. If they haven’t, you may need to speak with an attorney about options to make this happen.

We set the record straight about your bankruptcy

If your debt has been discharged by bankruptcy but your credit is still suffering, contact Stecklein & Rapp in Kansas City. Our attorneys can help you get the attention of creditors who have disregarded your right to have your debt erased from the credit bureaus. Correcting your credit report could have a significantly positive impact on your credit score.

Bankruptcy error attorneys in Kansas City

If a bankruptcy court deems your debt should be discharged, your credit report should show it. Stecklein & Rapp will work with you to make sure you aren’t paying for the carelessness of creditors who don’t accurately report your debt to the credit bureaus. We offer a free consultation, and taking action on your behalf will not leave you with any fees. Set up an appointment with one of our attorneys to explore your options to a better post-bankruptcy life.