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Background Error Attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri

Errors could cost you everything

You may have found the perfect apartment, but it takes just one mistake on your background for a potential landlord to send you looking elsewhere. Credit reports and criminal background checks also are used by a majority of potential employers who screen job applicants in Kansas City and St. Louis. Depending on the type of job you’re looking for, the appearance of a crime or charged off debt could lead to your disqualification.

Mistakes happen - and they are common

The reality of background checks is that the companies collecting information that goes on the reports sometimes get it wrong. It could be because someone has a name similar to yours, or it could be that you were charged with a crime and exonerated, but the crime remained in your report.

Procedures for potential employee background checks

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), potential employers are required to gain your consent to a criminal or financial background check. They also must express that disqualification based on the contents of your background check is a possibility. Should they decide against your hire based on this information, they must notify you of it.

Don't let the wrong history dictate your future


If errors show up in your background

If a lender or potential employer notifies you of something in your background that you feel is inaccurate, you need to take action. You have 30 days to address the discrepancies in writing with the reporting agency. You also may need to explain the circumstances to potential employers or lenders.

An attorney can help restore your reputation

Your credit report is your reputation. If disputing information doesn’t take care of the mistake or the reporting agency refuses to investigate your claim, you may need to speak with an attorney about your options.

The Kansas City law firm of Stecklein & Rapp has helped consumer and victims of credit errors correct these critical mistakes. Our attorneys offer a no-cost evaluation of your circumstances. If you’re paying for the blunders of a background screening or credit reporting agency, we’re ready to restore your reputation.

Background error attorneys in Kansas City

Don’t let the mistakes of others hold you back from getting the right job or having a home. Contact Stecklein & Rapp to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Our attorneys will look into your background and help you find all the mistakes that have been ruining your life.