What's Wrong With Gerogia? Debt Collectors.

There are a lot of things that Debt Collectors can't do.  They can't:

  • Threaten you in any way
  • Say things that aren’t true
  • Call you with a Robo-dialer
  • Call you repeatedly
  • Call you at odd hours
  • Not stop calling after you ask them
  • Tell other people you know about your debt

Just because these things are prohibited by federal law though, doesn't always mean that they won;t happen.  Debt Collectors should know what they can and cannot do.  They are counting on consumers not knowing their rights. 

Turns out that in a new report, consumers are filing a record number of complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. What does this mean?  It means that despite the law, despite enforcement actions by regulators, it is still happening.  That is where private consumer protection attorneys come in. 

read more at Is Georgia a haven for abusive debt collectors?

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