Watch out Missouri! Who wants to go to jail over a Payday loan?

Debtors are sometimes summoned to court repeatedly, even over trivial amounts of money. Jail time comes into play after a creditor gets a judgment (probably default) against a debtor, then asks to have the debtor summoned to court for an “examination” to explore assets. When they miss that date, the creditor can ask for the debtor’s arrest in the form of a “body attachment.” Essentially, its a contempt charge for missing a court date. The bond to get out of jail though, can be applied to the debt, even if it isn’t owed!

Considering that some low-price process service companies have a spotty record on actually delivering service, makes the practice even more outrageous. If you receive a court summons on a debt, don’t ignore it. Call a Consumer Protection lawyer for help.

Source: – Aug 20, 2012

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