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Kansas Mayor Victim of Harassment & Cyberbullying

Michael Rapp July 11, 2014

Cyberbullying and harassment can happen to the best of us—even Valley Falls, Kansas Mayor Charlie Stutesman. Stutesman has come under fire recently after blogger Jason Wade Taylor wrote an article accusing Stutesman of posting inappropriate and vulgar content on Twitter.

Taylor’s article, titled, “Mayor Charles Stutesman, Valley Falls Kansas: dancing with the devil” sheds light on how Stutesman posted a number of inappropriate photos and controversial tweets on his Twitter account (@CharlieStutes).

Taylor’s criticism of Stutesman’s misbehavior has forced Stutesman to publicly apologize.

However, while Stutesman regrets his misbehavior online, he has not attempted to remove them, as others have already taken screenshots of his inappropriate tweets.

Stutesman explained to Kansas First News that Taylor also posted additional blog posts harassing the mayor, his wife and even the church Stutesman belongs to. Stutesman believes that Taylor has crossed the line.

Stutesman has alerted officials about the cyber harassment, but at this time, no formal investigation is underway.

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