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Kansas City Woman Sued Over a Debt that She Never Owed

March 17, 2017

In my experience, most people want to pay their debts. There is a pride that, I think, most people take in repaying their obligations. I have found that a lot of people, when they fall behind, feel a certain sense of shame. Even when it was due to circumstances out of their control, there is a lot embarrassment about financial difficulties. And when the phone rings and rings... it can feel overwhelming.

Now imagine that you don't even owe the money. It was never even your debt! And the calls don't stop. The demand for payment continues no matter what you say to them? Then imagine that they sue you.

Lynn Dingwall never told anyone about the debt collector constantly calling her Lee's Summit home and demanding $10,000 for an unpaid credit card bill. Dingwall knew she didn't owe the money, but she couldn't get the caller to leave her alone.

It was a company called CACH. Catchy name, right? Well they sue about 2,000 people a year in Missouri Courts. "They (Cach) is banking on the fact that they can hound... people or file lawsuits and the consumers won't show up to court, won't fight it," said attorney Thomas. "Then they (Cach) will get a default judgment and garnish wages whether or not the debt was ever valid."

Ms Dingwall got help. She went to court, and sued them back. The jury awarded Dingwall $500,000 for everything that CACH put her through.

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