Debt collectors using new shady tactics…

Debt collectors have begun filing law suits against their debtors in hopes that they won’t show up to court. Instead of calling or talking to their debtors in person, they are using new questionable tactics that you need to watch out for. In many cases most of the people being sued don’t even know they are being sued, and end up with their wages seized and bank accounts frozen without a say in the matter.

“Over the years we’ve heard from thousands of people who’ve found themselves at the end of one of these default judgments,” said Susan Shin, a senior staff attorney at the New Economy Project, a consumer advocacy group. “And most of the people we talk to haven’t received any kind of notice that they were going to be sued.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of this deceptive debt collection tactic, call Consumer Legal Clinic today for a free consultation; 913.371.0727.

For more information read this fantastic article on the subject:

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