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Consequences of Data Negligence

Michael Rapp Jan. 10, 2020

If there is false or mistaken information about you being circulated among various agencies and financial firms, it can have serious negative effects on not only your credit report but also the opportunities that are available to you moving forward in life. When this type of mix-up occurs and legal action is taken, there are serious consequences for those responsible for using or spreading the erroneous information. Kansas City-based law firm Stecklein & Rapp can explain the details.

Potential Effects of Mistaken Information

In our previous blog post, we went into detail to explain the potential harm that can result from data agencies (such as LexisNexis) spreading or selling false or mistaken information about you to their customers. These mistakes can come about when individual data records are either confused with a similar record or attributed to the wrong identity altogether. If false information is included in your data record and disseminated to a firm that uses this information to make decisions regarding your credit, it can have negative effects on different aspects of your life, including:

  • Precluding you from receiving a line of credit

  • Hindering your ability to qualify for housing opportunities

  • Affecting decisions made by employers about hiring you

It is easy to see how this incorrect data can quickly lead to serious problems in your life. When this occurs, you don’t have to sit in this bad situation without any solution. If your finances or opportunities have been harmed or hampered by an agency or data vendor spreading erroneous information, you have the right to take legal action to correct the problem.

The Consequences for Identity Negligence

Fortunately, due to the growing problem of mistaken data records negatively impacting individuals’ lives, there are now consequences for those responsible. In October 2018, a Texas company agreed to pay a $3 million settlement following charges made by the Federal Trade Commission that the company failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of tenant screening information provided to landlords and property managers.

The company, RealPage, Inc., did not use adequate criteria when screening the data they provided about applicants. The screening for criminal records required only an exact match of last name and non-exact matches for first name, middle name, and date of birth. This criteria resulted in applicants being turned down for housing due to incorrect criminal records being falsely attributed to them.

As a result of this civil settlement, RealPage not only must pay a substantial financial amount to those who were victimized but also maintain reasonable procedures to assure a higher level of accuracy in their data moving forward.

How an Attorney Can Help You

When your finances or your opportunities for employment, housing, or lines of credit are damaged due to false information in the data record associated with your identity, working with experienced attorneys is your best option to pursue justice. When it comes to compiling the appropriate information and records regarding the situation, exploring the available legal options, and implementing an effective strategy, professional attorneys not only have the knowledge and insight you need but also the skill to help you move in the right direction to pursue the outcome you deserve.

Consumer Credit Protection Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Stecklein & Rapp (formerly known as Consumer Legal Clinic, LLC) has over two decades of experience helping individuals fight back against agencies and organizations that have caused them financial harm or harassed them. If your credit standing or your opportunities in life have been damaged or hindered by mistaken information about you, you have the right to take action. Don’t face these problems alone. Let our experienced team of attorneys fight on your side.

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