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Are Groupon Vouchers reliable?

Michael Rapp June 17, 2014

Did you know that Groupon, in effort to extinguish bad publicity, has made their daily deal vouchers everlasting. When Groupon was sued because their vouchers did not meet the 5 year expiration date, that is legally put on gift cards, they decided to go beyond expectations and made their vouchers without an expiration date at all. Well that’s great right? Well consider what happens when a consumer buys a product with the intention of using the Groupon voucher, but when the time comes for reimbursement, the merchant is no longer in business. You must be thinking that Groupon will surely compensate for their guaranteed savings, right? What if there is currently $725 million dollars that is currently outstanding in unused vouchers. If even a small percentage of those vouchers were for goods or services of now non-existent companies, how could Groupon possibly plan to cover that kind of a financial burden? Would they pay back the consumers they promised savings or maybe they would they just ignore everyone who they guaranteed a lower price?

Thankfully, consumers are protected from companies built on precarious business models. Consumer Legal Clinic is a law firm focused entirely on protecting consumers, and making sure that our clients are never taken advantage of. If you have Groupon vouchers falling through, debt collectors harassing you constantly, been a victim of auto fraud, or feel as though you have been wronged as a consumer; we will fight to protect your rights!