We make sure your credit report is accurate.

With 20 years experience making sure your credit is right.

Stecklein & Rapp is a consumer credit law firm devoted to protecting Kansas and Missouri consumers who have suffered due to credit errors and abusive businesses. We want to set the record straight for you.

Consumer Protection Attorneys in Kansas City and St. Louis

Your rights may have been violated without you even knowing it

While laws are meant to protect the masses, they’re not written for mass consumption. Understanding how to apply them — you need an expert for that. At Stecklein & Rapp, our attorneys can walk you through the various laws that offer protection for you and your credit, and provide you with freedom from any undeserved and unwarranted harassment and abuse.

I was angry that after several years I was getting unfairly harassed for a power bill I never owed.

Nobody is immune to credit reporting errors and harassment

Serving in the military after 9/11 meant attorney Michael Rapp and his family moved often. It also led to power bill debt in his name that didn’t belong to him. Even when he repeatedly disputed the utility charges for a home he had left after being deployed, the debt remained. “The power bill just wouldn't go away. I had so much trouble, I thought there had to be a law against that. I was right,” he said. It’s because of this experience that Michael and A.J. Stecklein are passionate about correcting the mistakes unfairly attached to the reputations of their clients.

“If it could happen to me,” Michael said, “It could happen to anyone.”

A.J. Stecklein Attorney

Consumer Credit Protection
Kansas City, MO

A.J.'s early career experiences make him particularly comfortable before a judge or jury. In the last few years, his practice has turned to helping consumers from Kansas City to St. Louis who fall victim to dishonest businesses, such as creditors and debt collectors that harass consumers.

Meet A.J.

Michael Rapp Attorney

Consumer Credit Protection
Kansas City, MO

Michael has focused his practice on fair debt collection, bankruptcy and background errors, debt collector harassment, identity theft, and phone harassment. He regularly gives speeches around the Kansas City area to community groups on the topics of debt and credit.

Meet Michael

Matt Robertson Attorney

Consumer Credit Protection
Kansas City, MO

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Matt has a longstanding history of civic duty. Now, as an attorney, he assists clients with everything from debt harassment and identity theft to bankruptcy and background check errors.

Meet Matt

Anne Lamoy Paralegal

Consumer Credit Protection
Kansas City, MO

Anne is the Paralegal for Stecklein & Rapp assisting with client needs in every aspect of the client relation process with the firm. She’ll give you the insight on what to expect for each case, updates, discovery requests, answer questions, and help with investigating your case.

Meet Anne

A.J. Stecklein

Attorney AJ Stecklein

Michael Rapp

Attorney Michael Rapp

Matt Robertson

Attorney Matt Robertson

Anne Lamoy

Paralegal Anne Lamoy

When you win, we win

It would be unfair to ask you to pay attorney fees after you’ve already paid enough with your reputation. As a consumer, you are entitled to compensation if you are harassed or abused by collection agencies, harmed by credit bureaus or anyone with access to your money or financial information.

Regardless of the source of the error or abuse, there are laws to protect you. Learning and exercising your consumer rights should never come with a price tag. Stecklein & Rapp directs the financial burden of your case toward the parties responsible for your emotional strife.

If you need help, now is the time to contact us.

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Protection for Kansas & Missouri Consumers

Speak with us, and we’ll speak up for you.

Just because some businesses operate with a loose sense of the law does not mean you have to put up with their abuse. There’s a lot more protection out there than you may realize. In founding Stecklein & Rapp, our attorneys aim to help consumers find relief from the questionable practices and shady dealings of businesses toward Missouri residents from Kansas City to St. Louis. Whether it’s a debt collector harassing you or a creditor failing to accurately report a discharged debt to the credit bureaus, Stecklein & Rapp will put an end to it.

Our attorneys have successfully handled consumer protection cases in the Kansas counties of Johnson and Wyandotte and the Missouri counties of Jackson and St. Louis . There are federally granted laws - the Fair Debt Collection Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act - that we use to level the legal playing field when it comes to how you’re treated by businesses and fraudulent individuals. If you’re unsure of how these laws apply to your situation, call our office to schedule a cost-free analysis of your consumer credit issue.

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Based in Kansas City, we proudly serve the people of Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

Kansas City, Missouri

Our City of Fountains office is located in Westport, just a few minutes north of the Plaza so you can easily access us from anywhere in Kansas City.

Kansas City, Kansas

Just over the state line is our KCK office located in Strawberry Hill right off of Highway 69. If you're a Kansas resident, this may be more convenient for you.

St. Louis, Missouri

We offer our services in St. Louis Missouri for anyone who might be out of greater Kansas City. Contact us today if you're in the Gateway to the West.

Omaha, Nebraska

Located a few hours north of Kansas City, Omaha is home to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and the famous Henry Doorly Zoo. 

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